About Us/Our Team

Our team is dedicated to providing a high level of service that focuses on individualized care to ensure that our patient needs are met and exceeded so that they can lead full and healthy lives

Dr. Michael Soliman,

Dr. Soliman is from Redlands, CA and grew up most in his life living in the Inland Empire. He graduated from KGI School of Pharmacy, one of the seven colleges of the Claremont Consortium and worked in the community pharmacy setting throughout pharmacy school. Dr. Soliman was trained for a management position at VONS Pharmacy in Glendora Ca, and then transitioned into independent pharmacy just before he decided to own his own pharmacy. In between those years, Dr. Soliman pursued a Fellowship Position at GlaxoSmithKine in conjunction with the Rutgers University program on the east coast. Although Dr. Soliman succeeded in the program, he missed the direct interaction he had with his patients had and helping them on front line rather than working behind the scenes. He decided to move back to California and return to community pharmacy.

Dr. Soliman has a passion for pharmacy because he is fascinated with how medications work in the body and how they make treat and prevent medical conditions. He really enjoys helping people understand what medications they are taking and how those medications will help the down the line. He is also a firm believer that each patient who walks into a pharmacy deserves special care that is focused on individualized medication management. With that standard that he holds, Dr. Soliman plans to use his broad scope of practice to ensure patients are receiving the best care possible.